SydenySuburb, directory app is a “shopping village located in a suburb of Sydney, Australia. This shopping village has 100+ shops of various types along a 500 metre long main road section”. They needed and directory app that would be fun and add to the shopping experience.

The main focus of the app is the directory itself, first icon of the homepage, followed by other contextual offers like the latest deals and events, relevant news, image galleries and the favourite shops section. I would expect the latter to be the main destination for more superficial users, thus it's the one I placed closest to the thumb in a right-handed use. There is currently only a vertical version of the app.

The homepage becomes the main menu, accessible to the left behind a burger-menu icon.

Navigating the app, within the directory page are the categories with illustrative icons and then the specific shops and businesses page of every category, which include a short image to add warmth to the section and provide anticipation in the user. This page also includes shortcuts to locations, so that the user can already go straight to the destination.

The items pages contain a header space for an image that may be their logo, an ad or illustrative photograph, or pretty much anything the creative team wishes to place there. Already to the side of the name we can like/bookmark the shop and in the bottom, we see contextual options in a secondary always-on-top menu, with the social activity and immediate actions.

At the bottom of this page we also have a contextual call-to-action, like calling the shop to request an appointment.

This is an android version of the app, that makes use of some the android icons in combination with the customized icon set and loosely follows the material design cues, with exceptions made, for example, with the main burger menu. The exceptions are made for ease of portability to other platforms and to increase the visual impact.

I chose a palette that transmitted considerable energy, with a warm, sunny yellow in contrast with a dark blue, giving it that racy feeling used in danger signs and car racing design. The yellow is the main color and goes towards golden tones in the homepage.

Half of the icon set is wire shapes and the other half is full, very basic shapes, with few sharp angles.

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