Betzilla, a betting app

Betzilla is built around a model of prizes that can be won when a complete set of bets is successful.

The homescreen of the interface show our previous activity and then immediately gives us the menus for the betting categories of soccer, Leagues, Championships, Cups.

Once the category is picked, the app immediately takes us to the prices we can win if we predict the sets correctly. A casual user can already chose the teams he or she will bet on in this screen and submit their choice.

The next screen responds to the persona more interested in an in-depth use of the app, showing more information about the teams and the match. On top remains an eyes-on-the-prize image and the information itself is a card, under which are the rest of the cards or matches. Deciding each match, the next one of the set will become available.

The app is mainly dark coloured, in order for the colors of the team shields and the price itself to be the main colors in the app. The main color is blue and the other two colors are indicative of the team that has been chosen to win, or a draw.