Altroconsumo, Careers

Altroconsumo, the largest Italian Consumer's Association needed a Careers website. I was asked to produce the layout and iconography, as well as produce the UI that would later be built on their CMS.

The first thing that became evident in our research was that one of the most basic paradigms of usability is overlooked in the case of Careers/Jobs websites. Despite the fact that the user is, quite obviously, looking for job offerings, most Career websites don't actually feature a real-time listing o job openings in the homepage, sometimes even hiding them more than one click away. The reason for this is not hard to understand: the user is so determined in finding out whether there actually is a job offering, that he or she can be led through considerable amount of content before getting there. This is, of course, in the interest of the brand, that communicates its values and advertises the benefits of its ethos along the road to the desired objective. Nowhere else on the web can such determination be so given fro granted—and needless to say, not all brands have the power to pull such a feat off to begin with.


Our listing of job opportunities is placed in an inner page, accessible directly from the homepage. The homepage itself, in the meantime, features all other content relevant to a less objective-oriented user, with the information about workplace conditions, the areas of expertise required, ethics of the company, etc.

I established a color palette that was directly related to the current Altroconsumo Branding hues, but adapting them to the context of employers branding. At the time I was also working in the development of an animated short film for internal communication, so producing this particular product came as a simple adaptation. The same can be said for the developing of the iconography.

Furthermore, the website contains a section called Meet the employees, which is a video section with testimonials from the people that work in the company, talking about their experiences at the workplace. I requested the company produce these videos to create a sense of warmth and give an idea of what the colleagues are like, to communicate the humanity of the office environment.